There are hundreds of plaques to choose from.
All different shapes, colors and sizes.
A catalog of all available plaques is available upon request
P4310  7x9

P4305  7x9

P4300  7x9

P4210  7x9

P4130  7x9

P4205  7x9

P4200  7x9

P4135  12x15

P3950  7x9

P3199  9x12

P3168  5x7

P4431  7x9

P4411  7x9

P4405  7x9

P4466  7x9

PG3751  9x12

P2792  7x9

P4464  12x15

P4460  7x9

P4459  12x14

P4456  7x9

P4454  12x15

P4450  7x9

P4139  14x17

P3753  8x101/5

P3749  9x12

P4472  7x9

P3624  11x15

P4185  7x9

P4170  7x9

P4160  10x10

P4137  11x15

P3992  6x8

P3944  83/8x10

P3811  7x9

P4272  12x15

P3516  7x9

P2394  8x101/5

P70  7x8

P2790/X  10x10

PG4470  9x12

PG2786  9x12

figure can be changed
SE2008 Bronze Football Plaque
Also available in:
Softball, Baseball, M&F Basketball,
Cheerleading, Golf, M&F Soccer
CAWP-74 8x10

Also available in other sizes
Hole-In-One Plaque