We have a large variety of gavels.
Walnut, gold, white, and rosewood.
Most of the gavels come with a band to be engraved
SGSB 13 1/2" Solid Walnut, &
Sounding Block with Box

11G Solid Walnut Gavel & Sounding
Block in Solid Walnut Box

AF Rosewood Gavel &
Sounding Block

Solid Walnut Gavel 2'

BCRM Solid Mahogany Gavel &
Sounding Block w/Box

10" Solid Walnut Gavel
Solid Walnut Sounding Block
Director's Gavel Set
Solid Walnut Gavel & Block
& engraving band

Solid Walnut 3 1/2" Gavel

We have our standard gavel sets,
gavel plaques, and much more
Gavel with Brass Band #5120

Sounding Block with felt bottom #740